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Chai in a Hamaca

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

I enjoy sitting or laying in my hamaca (Spanish word for 'hammock') with my eyes toward the blue sky, sometimes covered by thick white clouds. Time completely passes by and soon the next hour comes by. I missed this hamaca deal since I left Honduras three years ago. And I just got myself a large hamaca for myself, recently. It is a lovely time of rest where I can drift off to nap or think that I am at some resort island. However, I am in Puebla, Mexico and sometimes the weather is not as warm as I would like it to be. And so, it's with a cup of chai (Hindi word for 'tea') and a snack that I head towards the hamaca.

In this moment of temporary bliss, the first words that often leave my lips are, "Thank you, God, for such a beautiful day". That word 'beautiful' is not limited to what the eyes can see but it is a confirmed description of a deep recognition of what God has done that day. Perhaps, I had achieved some goals or completed a task (the size of the task is immaterial) or contacted a friend. Perhaps, I had a good conversation with my sister or said 'hello' to my mum. Or perhaps, I had listened to a good message or returned from church without any incident. Oh yes, perhaps I got over a nagging feeling of restlessness and found peace over a situation, a decision or a person. That word ' beautiful' encompasses all of God's goodness, abundance of grace and inner peace and joy to see little victories. The chai tastes sweeter, even without any sugar.

The psalmist declares when God comes through for him and others

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!

Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! ( Psalm 34:8)

Whether it is chai in a hamaca for fifteen minutes or for an hour, I return to my chilly room enamoured by the peace that floods my heart in the knowledge that God is sovereignly and supernaturally in control of my life. This is a good rest that I try to take almost daily for as long as I am home or a hamaca is in sight.

With a chai in my hand,

blessed in my hamaca,


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