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There is no logic! (except in Christ)

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

As I write this post, I am extremely aware that you, the reader might disagree with me over the hypocrisies listed below. I am aware that I might lose some friends over this particular post. But I am compelled to write as I need to be faithful to what God has spoken to me during my prayer time.

So, with this understanding and the encouragement that I have received

from Proverbs 12:22, I write.

My hope is that you do not assume the following:

1. That I am denying the existence of the covid virus

2. That I am against all vaccinations

3. That I do not care about death

Instead, I want you to know that I think:

1. Covid virus exists but I consider it a little thing due to the 99% recovery rate.

2. I have taken other vaccinations that has ensured that I will not be re-infected. Covid vaccine has no such re-assurances.

3. I care about every dying soul regardless of how they might have died - abortion (womb terrorism), cancer, jihadism, covid. In fact, the possibility of eternal death for someone is a serious motivation to fulfil my call responsibly.

So, this is how I was inspired to write during my quiet moment with God on Friday,

19th February 2021. I have titled it as, "There is no logic! (except in Christ)".

There is no logic when one is compelled to wear the mask in an uber car or taxi

and then be on the way to meet five or eight more friends who will remain maskless

over meals and drinks.

There is no logic in tight 'mask', 'social distancing restrictions'

and 'mandatory travel vaccines' when one ends up in an enclosed aeroplane

or in a subway train where one continues to stand for lack of vacant seats, or even in

supermarkets and malls where social distancing is effectively absent.

There is no logic in exalting a pfizer or a moderna or a johnson & johnson vaccination

when there is no guarantee that the vaccinated will not be re-infected.

There is no logic in getting vaccinated if you are still in fear of those

who choose not to be vaccinated.

There is no logic in creating fear among people over a viral infection with

a recovery rate of 99 per cent. There is no logic when suddenly in 2020, that covid shows up as a larger cause of death

than influenza which suddenly is dropped from its 'status' of prime position.

A false re-crowning of the corona virus seems to have taken place.

There is no logic when fist bumps and air kisses (through masks) are released in public

but in a private enclosure, the joy of hugs are welcomed.

There is no logic in 14-day quarantines in hotel rooms with exorbitant rates when no

one comes to clean it for the sake of the 'health and hygiene' of the quarantined.

There is no logic in shutting down churches and places of worship when pubs and bars

are open to revellers without any social distancing.

There is no logic in closing down schools and universities when hygiene procedures

are being demanded and enforced.

There is no logic in the closure of small businesses for the consequences of economic

losses breaks a person emotionally, mentally and financially, perhaps never to recover


There is no logic in shutting down sports venues for active sports contributes to the

health and fitness of every participant.

There is no logic if governments, businesses and employers penalise those who choose

not to be vaccinated for you effectively infringe on individual rights and decisions.

Have you wondered what the real intention for this illogical behaviour and approaches

might be?

Why is the covid vaccination exalted and promoted as if it is the saviour of the world

with government leaders and celebrities "assuring" the people that it is safe?

Why are we not seeing Christians freely laying hands on the sick and praying boldly

to the Saviour of the world for divine healing?

1% of covid death worldwide has shut you down, dear Church that remains closed.

Where is the fellowship and discipleship as demonstrated by the Lord Jesus Christ? Where is the communion of saints?

Don't you see that madam technology has seduced you enough to be dependent

on her? Don't you see even singing the praises to God is not allowed freely

because of false fear? Why is the body of Christ not gathering to pray fervently just like in the Book of Acts?

Why are some bishops and pastors, heads of churches still accepting this illogic?

Why is the church not leading the way of truth and life and logic?

Some have quoted Matthew 5 or the Great Commandment in the justification of being vaccinated or shutting the doors of the church. Yet, one can counter this with, "Where is your faith in Christ for divine healing?" (James 5:14-15). Whatever the reasoning, the hypocrisies are rampant in this covid crisis.

Here's some logic for keeping healthy:

1. Enjoy the natural creation of God. 2. Trust God to care for your body while you do your part to remain healthy. 3. Be responsible with the usual hygienic protocols that you practiced even before covid showed up. 4. Get out and exercise; breathe the fresh air. 5. Enjoy your travels without fear or else do not travel; if you get vaccinated and trust

your vaccine, why should you be afraid of someone who is not vaccinated or not using

a mask (if given the choice?).

6. Do not feel guilty if you choose not to be vaccinated for an infection that has 99%

recovery rate; do not allow others to mock you into a guilt trip too. Remember, you

know if you are healthy or not more than anyone else in the world. 7. Lay hands and pray for healing for others whenever possible and under

God's authority. Ensure that the person being prayed for is comfortable with this too. 8. Go to a church that is not afraid to open their doors for services. 9. Do not stop living for Christ and show others the way of abundant life. 10. Praise, dance for Christ at home or in church. Celebration in Christ is key to living

abundantly, freely, thankfully, joyfully and courageously (oh yes, even when you are

breathless with covid and your body is in pain); do so in the Spirit of God. This attitude and approach to life - NO ONE can suppress unless you allow this for yourself. Just in case you are wondering if I may have experienced little covid, I suspect that I did go through some of the symptoms mentioned in a covid diagnosis. I exercised social responsibility and gave myself the 14-day quarantine after an overseas travel and did not meet anyone or go anywhere except to get groceries nearby. I even used my mask when flying out and taking the bus to my home. Just after the 14-day quarantine, there were a couple of days where it was difficult to breathe at night and I felt tired on those days. I had a severe diarrhoea and had to see the doctor at the emergency room. I thought I was going to die (just for a day) but the medication which were all not covid-related worked well with me. But that was all - I had no fever, no loss of smell. But hey, it could just be a normal food poisoning incident. You see, not every death is a covid death; not every fever is a covid fever; not every cough is a covid cough. Now back to the above hypocrisies - just ask yourself, "WHO is gaining from the billions of dollars spent on these vaccinations that has NO guarantee that you will NOT be re-infected? WHO is creating fear and dividing the 'vaccinated' and 'not vaccinated' into two camps? WHO shut down doctors providing medicines that worked well for many before the vaccinations were developed? WHO made it a priority to ensure that the world gets vaccinated? Just WHO?? So my friends, little covid is a bad thing but not making it to heaven is even worse. Never fear death. I want to encourage you think about the hypocrisies listed above, wonder why people accept this lifestyle imbalance as the norm or the "new normal" and be a cheerleader for the natural logic available in God. Be strong and courageous in Christ and for those who have lost loved ones to covid or any other sickness - physical death is always a painful process where one must grieve the temporary loss but there is hope to meet the person if you know that they are not in eternal hell. Keep trusting God for He loves you immensely. Abundant blessings of grace and truth in Christ, Rachel

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