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The Fool for Christ

When the cultures of the world unite to proclaim, “We are one”,

and you stand apart shaking your head:

knowing that there are too many differences to warrant

such a declaration that sounds like a paid Ad(vertisement)

or when the religions of the world gather to declare a citizenship of one,

playmates in the same bed - this world and the religions;

the global affair goes on for it is never satisfied,

the appetite for 'the more" borders on the abuse and misuse

of each other, a demand for the fall of the moral increases.

There is no love and no synergy,

 just the lust of the flesh and eyes, and the pride of life

manifesting and morphing into a false unity of sorts,

and the tolerated is crushed by the intolerant 

professing a false peace that is no peace.

Can there be any true respect or love when 

cultures and religions invite the fake into a pseudo-unity of being one?

And you stand apart, the fool for Christ,

knowing that God allowed the diversity of cultures 

to add depth, colour and meaning into life,

knowing that the lip service of all religions to declare 

their sense of unity is nothing more than that.

And you stand apart, the fool for Christ,

knowing that God calls all into personal thoughts and expressions

of wisdom that come together at His time to raise the other

into honor, purity and godly power.

For it is only in the relationship with God and friendship with each other

that unity is born, found and advanced.

And you stand apart, the fool for Christ,

knowing that many, perhaps all, have failed desperately

to offer the respect, the tolerance that propels

the other to a position of honour;

instead, shame, fear and guilt are companions in life’s journey

- oh! that torment of dishonor that tears your heart apart

unless you begin from the start

in bended knees and a humble heart

to be soothed by the balm of Gilead,

the healing perfume for a suffering soul.

And you stand apart, the fool for Christ,

knowing the root cause for many wars - 

that religions, 

the desire for cultural superiority

and the commitment to prove one’s super-powers in all life aspects

have been historically and generationally innate.

The play for power disguised as the unity of the citizenship of one

when in reality, the Power remains in the Hands of The ONE

Who is Sovereign, Supreme and Sanctified.

You, the fool for Christ, have a choice

To accept the weaker agenda of the citizenship of one

Or to pursue the perfect plans of the Sovereign, Supreme and Sanctified ONE God.

And you stand apart, the fool for Christ.

And I stand apart, the fool for Christ.

1 Corinthians 4: 10a We are fools for Christ. . .

May your 2024 be filled with a triple portion of grace and love in Christ,


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