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Observe and Enjoy Your Surprises!

2020 has been a year of interesting surprises in the world. As I begin 2021 today, I thank God for all the surprises that He gifted me and the ministry.

Imagine that just before most of the world locked-down for a little virus, God gave me the opportunity to travel to five nations; three of the five were 'new' nations for ministry. My best surprises were being able to serve the Word in three male prisons in Uganda to close to 300 men and enjoying the acceptance of 34 men into the kingdom of God. In those surprises, my team and I gained 34 brothers as did the kingdom of God. What a wonderful act of God!

In the middle of 2020, God showed me how much He loves me by protecting me from a life-changing action. This definitely came as a shock and surprise to me but as soon as I submitted to His new direction, He began to bless the ministry with more online presence among the continents through teaching, intercessory and speaking ministries. Indeed, God is always good to those who love Him.

And by the end of 2020, I had the opportunity to travel to a fourth 'new' nation where I did no other ministry except the ministry of presence.

In the last two weeks of my travel, I have been a blessed recipient of at least nineteen surprises. This got me thinking that if I had actually counted 2020 surprises from God, it could very well amount to 520 or more surprises.

A "surprise" is something to be amazed about. It is a wonder to experience. While the surprise can most often be good, there are times when one can feel shock at a bad surprise. But I want to focus on the good surprises from a Good God.

The best surprise was when the Virgin Mary conceived and delivered a baby boy named Jesus. Who would have thought in their sane mind that the Lord of lords and King of kings will come to live as man on this earth? This incarnation - God who came down as man - is mind-boggling to anyone but with a little faith, it becomes a Supernatural Surprise.

So, here's the surprise within the Supernatural Surprise: a little faith in the Christ who died for our sins and is still alive because He overcame death and was resurrected after three days is enough for our eyes to see, our ears to hear and our hearts to imagine what God has prepared for those who love Him.

The question is: Do we love God?

The question is: Do we have the little faith like the mustard seed?

If the answer is yes, then we can most definitely observe and enjoy our surprises from God.

In fact, I challenge you to keep a notebook and write down even the tiniest surprises and see what He will do within a month, six months or a year. Let 2021 be a year filled and abundant with God-surprises.

I am writing down my God-surprises and I expect these suprises for two reasons:

1. God is good and loves to bless all who love Him.

2. I recognise that God loves me more than I can love Him and my confidence in Christ allows me to see and enjoy the coming surprises.

The nineteen surprises in the last two weeks have most definitely commanded my attention. I continue to stand in awe at this God who is far more able to love, give and provide than my own mind can imagine.

Wouldn't you be rather standing in awe at such a God than be anxious and fearful with current situations that cause your eyes to lower and your heart to cower?

I am an advocate for Courage as if Courage is my best friend. I think of Christ when I think of Courage and therefore my confidence is irrevocably sealed. When your heart cowers, think of Christ who is Courage and Courage often lifts your eyes to observe and enjoy your God-given Surprises.

With much blessings for a successful 2021 in Christ,

Rachel R

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